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At Put a lid on it, we don’t muck around when it comes to the environment. We’re here to challenge unsustainable consumerism and side-step talking waffles (unless they’re the breakfast kind).

But here’s the thing. Even the small folk (like us) have an impact — on people and planet. It’s inevitable. But we’re committed to doing our bit to create a closed loop economy and using resources that are already in circulation.

Here’s what we’re doing today

We use 100% FDA-approved recycled plastic

All of our products (yes, all) are made with 100% FDA-approved recycled plastic. We've worked incredibly hard to source certified recycled food-grade plastic for our products. Using recycled plastic is not easy but we think its worth the effort.

Made in Sydney, Australia

In order to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local economy, all of our products are made right here in Sydney. We think that’s pretty cool.

We (really) consider our packaging

Our packaging is either made from recycled materials or is recyclable. And we mean everything — from the box to the shipping labels to our delightful stickers and tape.

We use carbon neutral shipping

We ship our servingware to you via Australia Post or Sendle‘s carbon neutral service.

We’re helping to close the loop

Put a lid on products are made to last for years and years. And when you’re finished with your servingware, it can be recycled again. Send to PO Box 1252, Double Bay NSW 1360 and we’ll make sure it gets made into something new.

Put a lid on it is proud to be a part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, a charity committed to creating a circular economy, which is designed to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials (at their highest value), and regenerate nature.

Can you help us shape a better tomorrow?  

We’re committed to continuous learning and improvement. If you think there’s more we could be doing today — to shape a better tomorrow — we’d love to hear from you.