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Put a lid on it all started with a simple question: how can we easily share food and make it look good, too?

Chances are, you’re here because you love bringing people together. Maybe it’s Christmas at Aunt Julie’s, a school bake sale, or a spontaneous picnic with friends in the park.

But there’s something about transporting food in a warped, tomato-stained, plastic container with a cracked lid that doesn’t exactly scream “eat me.”

And, then there’s the alternative — you could use one of your nice porcelain bowls. But that probably comes with a good dose of plastic wrap and an irritating request to whoever’s sitting in the car passenger seat “sweetheart, can you just balance this on your lap so it doesn’t spill?

At Put a lid on it, we make sharing food and memories easy, bright and fun — all without adding to the plastic problem.

Our products are made in Australia using 100% recycled plastic (that otherwise would have gone to landfill).

They’re also effortlessly beautiful — each piece is made to be unique — subtly whispering “go on, take one.”

And of course, they’re practical. Just Put a lid on it and get back to what really counts — enjoying the company of those around you (and maybe having one-too-many lemon slices, but who are we to judge?)

Meet Cara and Dan Frank

Founders. Food lovers. The first folk to ask “what can I bring?”

The idea for Put a lid on it came about in the kitchen. As parents, we were baking gingerbread cookies for a school picnic — delicately icing and decorating them to perfection — only to pack them in a (boring and kinda ugly) plastic container. Ugh.

So, with that, we saw the need for beautiful, practical servingware that adds to the experience of sharing food (without the excess waste). Put a lid on it was born.

For us, food is an experience. An adventure. An experiment. A moment between friends. A reason for bringing people together.

And that’s why we’re here — to create more connection and less waste.

Thank you for joining us.
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