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If you love your Put a lid on it products, they’ll love you back.

Ok, maybe it won’t love you like a friend or a Labrador puppy. But it will last for years and years and years — so that’s pretty handy.

Prodcut care

  • How to use your Put a lid on it products

    It’s simple. For “the round” and “the rectangle”, just fill them up with deliciousness and Put a lid on it.

    Avoid using your Put a lid on it bowls and platters in the dishwasher. The servers are dishwasher friendly. Our products are not suitable for the oven or microwave.

  • How to clean (and love) Put a lid on it

    Our products are made to be durable. But to ensure longevity, we recommend you…

    • Handwash your Put a lid on it products in hot, soapy water
    • Avoid using any harsh soaps or abrasive sponges
    • Keep out of direct sunlight
    • Avoid long term food storage
    • Fill with deliciousness

  • How to close the loop

    Send to PO Box 1252, Double Bay NSW 1360 and we’ll make sure it gets recycled into something new.

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